Lake Effect Day!

Lake Effect Day!
Posted on 05/09/2023
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Wednesday, May 10th is the final Lake Effect Day of the 2022-23 school year! Lakers are asked to participate by wearing school appropriate Summer/Tourist apparel including shorts, sunglasses, hats, Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, etc. or Laker apparel.
The theme will be to review all the lessons of the year and discuss perseverance... how to stay in the Laker Zone for the summer!

Lake Effect Day

Lake Effect Bingo
The March Lake Effect Day was a review of all the reasons we are lucky to be Lakers!! Students played a Lake Effect Bingo game that touched on all the ideas and principles in the Indian Lake Culture Playbook, including E+R=O, press pause and more. Classes also watched a quick video introducing the Laker Leadership Council team that is helping create this year's Lake Effect lessons.

Lake Effect

Wednesday, March 1st, is the March Lake Effect Day! Students are asked to wear the color green to show off how lucky we are to be Lakers! 

As always, students may also wear their Above the Line shirts. We will test our luck in honor of St. Patrick's Day with some Lake Effect Bingo and check out a video from the Laker Leadership Council. Go Green!

Lakers are feeling the love after the recent Lake Effect lesson! February's focus is to think about love and empathy, whether that is affection for family and friends, or just being a compassionate human.
Part of the lesson considered self-empathy or when you love yourself. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. Self-empathy is when you are kinder to yourself. You pay attention and listen to your feelings, you have positive self-talk, you forgive yourself when you make a mistake, and you don’t compare yourself with others. This leads to more positive thoughts and overall better self-esteem. 💓💓💓
Lake Effect Day

Lakers are ready for the new year with mission statements made!
Students and staff considered their goals for 2023 and went through an exercise to create "Grow Your Greatness" or mission statements instead of resolutions.
During last month's Lake Effect Day, students wrote compliments about one another and placed them in "Lake Effect Snowmen."
This time they made two copies of their mission statement, placed one in the snowman and kept the other.
The hope is that by putting our goals out there, along with each other's kindness, we can grow our greatness together!

January 11th is the January Lake Effect Day for Indian Lake Schools! Students are asked to either wear their R-Factor Shirts OR wear the color red to show that they are "Ready for 2023!"
Classes will be taking part in activities that center around goals for the new year.


Lake EffectLake Effect

The December Lake Effect lesson was frosty and fulfilling!
Students were asked to think about their "anchors" or things that motivate them. Then they wrote their name on a blank piece of paper and wadded it up. This paper served as a "snowball" that they could throw around the room. When someone else got the "snowball," they opened it up and wrote something positive about the other person. At the end of the exercise, students found their own snowball and read what others wrote. Then they had the option of dropping the snowballs in strategically placed snowmen throughout the buildings.
Several Laker Leadership Council members, who helped create the activity, led the lesson for the day. Snow much fun!!

Lakers! Wednesday, October 5th will be a Lake Effect Day! Wear your Above the Line shirts and/or fishing hats! Can't wait for this special lesson:)

Lake Effect Day
Lake Effect

Lakers recently identified the guiding forces in their life during the very first Lake Effect Day of the 2022-23 school year.
Lake Effect Days will be held on the first Wednesday of each month this year at all Indian Lake Schools. Students will take part in an R-Factor lesson, teaching skills practices and positive behaviors that can be applied throughout their life. 
This year's theme is "What's Your Anchor?" and students were asked to wear their Above the Line shirts or the color blue to represent water.
Indian Lake Curriculum Director and Gifted Coordinator Kelli Tebbe-Miller explains, "
An anchor is a metaphor for an idea that reminds you how you want to be in your life."
The lessons centered around the influences in life that assist in making tough decisions. Students in grades k-4 watched this video 

for reference, while students in grade 5-12 watch this video.

R-Factor ideals focus us pressing pause, getting your mind right and making good life decisions. 
ILHS Principal Kyle Wagner reminds us, "When you are resilient, you can remain strong and resist negative forces that want to push you in a direction you know is not right." 
Each month the Lake Effect lessons will build upon the R-Factor. There will be theme days for students to participate in or they can wear their Above the Line shirt. 

 What's Your Anchor?
Anchor Wednesday, September 7, is the first Lake Effect Day of the 2022-23 school year at Indian Lake! This year's theme is "What's Your Anchor?" The goal is for students and staff to consider what is the guiding force in their life and should it be? This bulletin board at ILMS, made by Co-Principal Erin Miller, illustrates the idea perfectly!
Lake Effect Days feature a special teaching period for students in all grade levels to focus on the principles of E+R=O; how I React to Events in my life determines the Outcome.
Students are encouraged to wear their Above the Line shirt OR to participate in the theme days that will be announced for each Lake Effect Day this year. The first theme is "Wear Blue" for water!