Lake Effect Day!

Lake Effect Day!
Posted on 05/02/2022
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On our final Lake Effect Day of the 2021-22 school year, we are highlighting a student who has certainly applied E+R=O in her own life.
Senior Cheyenne Hill was a freshman at ILHS when Indian Lake teachers began rolling out the R-Factor lessons. She and her classmates had the basics when Covid-19 cut short the last quarter of her sophomore year. Since that time, Hill has embraced the concepts as she moves toward graduation.
"The two pieces are 'press pause' and generally having a positive mentality. Pressing pause helps with all aspects of high school, whether it be homework or college applications and scholarship, it helps to get your mind right."
She continues,"Having that positive mindset helps change your perspective and affects things down the road in terms of outcome."
As a member of the Superintendent Underwood's Laker Leadership Council, Hill helped to create and design a curriculum for last year's first ever [email protected] Summer Camp at ILMS. She is also helping with the 2022 Camp. In addition, Hill played a lead role with the Laker Leadership Council in teacher R-Factor lesson and concepts to students at Kenton High School.
We know Cheyenne will always Live Above the Line!
Check out May's video asking us to think about the relationships and friends we made this year. How did those relationships even get started? How can R-Factor help us improve our relationships? It is easy to get caught up in patterns and talk to the same people and do similar things each day. Having an open mind may give us a chance to improve the friendships we have and even make some more.

On this April Lake Effect Day, we are celebrating one of the district's most effective R-Factor advocates!!
IL Curriculum and Gifted Services Director Kelli Tebbe is the person who puts together the monthly R-Factor lessons. She takes input from staff members and students on what to include each time. In addition, she spearheaded the recent effort to work with students at Kenton High School on their rollout of the R-Factor. In the past, she has also designed our R-Factor signs around campus, lead the summer camp at ILMS and more!
Thanks for your steady leadership and your intentional efforts to help us all live Above the Line!
This month's lesson focused on remembering how E+R=O helps us achieve excellence.
Lakers, let’s be a Force for Good! Check out this video!

Lake Effect Day

It was an extra special Lake Effect Day at ILES! We popped into several "specials" classes like music, art and gym to see all the kids dressed in their Above the Line and Laker shirts! Well done kids of ILE!!!
Students and staff are going to look at building skill to accept what makes us special and embrace other people's differences. What we see on the outside is never the whole picture and each thing that makes us different should be celebrated! Check out this video that the students will watch called "Don't Put People in Boxes."

Above the Line Shirts
Lakers were looking tough in their Above the Line shirts!
It's the first Lake Effect Day of 2022! Students are learning how to step up and help others in today's lesson about fighting the urge to be a bystander.

Lake Effect Day
The Lake Effect took hold at the high school on Monday! Students and staff members wore their Above the Line shirts and watched a touching video about giving the gift of kindness and how they can do that in their everyday lives. What a great message for the holiday season!! ILMS and ILES classrooms participated as well. The first Monday of every month is a Lake Effect Day at Indian Lake Schools when we continue our R-Factor training.

Check out the video

It's the Lake Effect on Monday Morning! Students will be considering how "your Response (R) creates an Event (E) for others."
Check out this short video to learn more on Monday, October 4, 2021.

In addition to watching the video and having an R-Factor lesson, ILMS students who are new the school received an Above the Line shirt since they didn't get one last year!
Lake Effect DayLake Effect Day Monday, September 13th was the first district-wide Lake Effect Day of the school year! Lakers from all across the district remembered to wear their Above the Line shirts or Laker colors.
Our yearlong theme is The Edge - See What Is Possible. All of our students will be watched this video and continued their R-Factor training today and throughout the year.
Let's get started!

IL District Curriculum and Gifted Coordinator Kelli Tebbe says, "The Lake Effect Day creates an opportunity for every student and staff member in the district to intentionally experience a common message.  These messages help to teach and remind us of what it means to be a Laker and promotes a culture where we know how to behave with discipline to stay above the line.  Seeing so many staff and students wearing their shirts shows that we are unified and growing together." 

Going forward, Lake Effect Days will be a coordinated district effort once a month, usually on the first Monday we are in school. Everyone who wears their shirt on these designated days will receive a Laker Card (ILMS, ILHS) or Laker Zone Card (ILES) as a reward. 

In addition to Lake Effect Day, each building and grade level is implementing R-Factor lessons regularly. 

Finally, any Laker community member who purchased an Above the Line shirt is encouraged to wear it on these select Mondays and watch the video presentations that will be posted!

Let's live Above the Line, Lakers!