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Aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s Strategic Plan, Each Child Our Future, Indian Lake strives to meet the needs of the “whole child” by focusing on the Four Learning Domains.  This approach has led to a district strategic plan called the Lake Effect.  The Lake Effect is driven by a Culture Playbook that includes our primary Laker beliefs, behaviors, and desired outcomes.  To reach the goals of 1.) all students becoming their best 2.) establishing a strong, safe, and supportive school community and 3.) to graduate students who are enrolled, enlisted, employed, and always engaged, the district incorporates several programs that are designed to increase social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a framework that guides school teams in the selection, integration and implementation of evidence-based practices for improving academic, social and behavior outcomes for all students.  The R-Factor is a culture building program that equips staff and students with the mindset and skills to act with discipline to situations they experience.  The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people to create positive change by practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.  Starting in 2019-20, the began using the Six Seconds SEI-YV survey to assess the growth and development of student, class, and grade level SEL skills.  The tool allows school personnel to provide feedback to families regarding student emotional intelligence and how that impacts important life outcomes like good health, quality relationships, life satisfaction, personal achievement, and self-efficacy.  The district also administers the Six Seconds Educational Vital Signs Survey (EVS) to staff annually to measure the social and emotional climate of the school.  

Lake Effect

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