Superintendent's Message

Indian Lake Community, 

At the end of the 2021-22 year, school procedures finally started to somewhat return to normal as COVID-19 cases decreased. One positive result of the pandemic is that it caused the district to expedite implementation of a 1:1 plan. All students now have their own Chromebook. Teachers also continue to expand use of instructional technology tools and nearly every classroom is now equipped with a BenQ Interactive Display. Additionally, our five-year, $850,000 21st Century Grant, that provides a variety of after-school learning opportunities for students in grades 5-12, continues this school year. 21st Century Grant offerings include: tutoring, welding and carpentry, art club, science club, robotics, wellness activities, parent engagement, a wetlands project, and more. 

Supporting the growth of the whole child through the development of foundational knowledge and skills, well-rounded content, leadership and reasoning, and social-emotional learning is at the core of the ILS approach. Therefore, the district continues its R-Factor program, “the Lake Effect,” to teach children and adults discipline-driven behavior to respond appropriately to events to elicit the positive outcome they desire (E+R=O). Also, thanks to a partnership with Community Health and Wellness Partners, Indian Lake will open a school-based health clinic in the fall of 2022. The clinic includes a nurse practitioner as well as a case manager and behavioral health specialist to complement the many programs, support systems, and exceptional guidance counselors who provide mental health services to our students. 

Although we live in ever-changing and uncertain times, our goal is to capitalize on opportunities and prepare our students to be future problem solvers in our society.  The Indian Lake Board of Education, administration, teachers, and staff collaborate with families, community leaders, and businesses seeking innovative solutions for the continuous improvement of the educational experience to enable our Lakers to excel now and in the future.  

Robert J. Underwood