Lake Effect Day!

Lake Effect Day!
Posted on 11/08/2023
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Lakers learned to give and receive compliments during the latest Lake Effect Day!
November is the time of year when there are lots of parties and celebrations. It is also the time of year when people can feel lonely and need a boost.
Once upon a time, people believed that wearing a cone on your head would help to funnel knowledge into your brain and help you learn. We now know how ridiculous that is, so instead Laker students made blank party hats into compliment cards. Students put their name on their hat, then passed it around to each person in their Laker time to add a nice comment. Then they read the comments and wore the hats!
Every month, Indian Lake holds a Lake Effect Day with a lesson to bolster social emotion learning and the R-Factor!

Lake Effect Day
The first Lake Effect Day lesson of the year taught students the meaning behind this year's R-Factor theme, Adjust the Sails! The phrase is a metaphor for continuing on your own course for success despite outside influences and events that you cannot control.
The lesson included a video on how sailors actually adjust the sails on a boat to continue toward their destination, factoring in the wind, current and more.
Then students played a game where they had to come up with solutions to common daily problems, such as "your computer crashes while doing an important assignment." They worked in teams to find ways to get around the roadblocks and still achieve their goals. By all accounts, it was a practical life lesson!
Lake Effect Days feature a special teaching period for students in all grade levels to focus on the principles of E+R=O; how I React to Events in my life determines the Outcome.
Students are encouraged to wear their Above the Line shirt OR to participate in the theme days that will be announced for each Lake Effect Day this year.