ILMS Sensory Walk

ILMS Sensory Walk
Posted on 01/17/2023
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Indian Lake Schools has added another space to help students manage their behaviors. 

In the past year, both Indian Lake Middle School and Indian Lake Elementary School have created sensory rooms where students can have a dark, quiet, soothing space to escape common school stimuli or anything that agitates. 
With the success of the sensory rooms, ILMS administrators recently added what's called a "sensory walk" in the hallway behind the gym.
Co-Principal Mrs. Erin Miller said, "We've found that some students need a soothing space to calm themselves, but others need to release pent-up energy and emotions. The sensory walk can help them do that by following some suggested simple physical activities."
Mrs. Miller explains that most students are able to "let off steam" during physical education classes or recess. In contrast, others need a quiet, private space to work out their tensions. 
The Sensory Walk offers a more isolated area where students can hop scotch, jump in place, do push-ups, bear crawl or other activities to release energy and emotions. The neighboring wrestling room also offers a punching bag and mats on the walls and floor. 
Miller continues, "We find that offering these sensory spaces often allows students to reset emotionally in a short time. They are able to regroup and return to their normal classroom."
The ILES sensory room also offers an area where students may "blow off steam" with a small trampoline and mats.