February Board Meeting, History Center Unveiled

February Board Meeting, History Center Unveiled
Posted on 02/23/2022
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The Indian Lake Board of Education got a look at a new project designed to preserve the district’s past during their February meeting.
 Superintendent Rob Underwood unveiled the Indian Lake History Center to board members as part of his report. The History Center is housed on a touch-screen television inside the large trophy case just outside the Main Gym at Indian Lake High School. 

Underwood explained how the History Center originated, “It’s all about knowing where we come from as Lakers. We had some composites from the early 1900s that were becoming very fragile. In addition, we wanted to find a better way to present all of our class composites. We were running out of space and they were hard to see hanging up so high at ILHS.” 

Over the past few months, Superintendent Underwood and IL Public Relations Specialist Jamie Ross worked with Vital Signs Wall of Fame to photograph, scan and upload all existing composites from Indian Lake High School to the touch screen unit. All the class composites from the schools that consolidated in the early 1960s to form Indian Lake—Huntsville/McArthur, Lakeview/Stokes and Lewistown/Washington—are included. In addition, Underwood and Ross used help from the public to track down all the existing yearbooks from Indian Lake, Huntsville, Stokes and Washington. Those have also been scanned and are in the process of being uploaded to the History Center. Finally, all academic and athletic records are part of the History Center, along with the newly created Indian Lake Schools Distinguished Alumni awards. 

The Covid-19 pandemic hit in the midst of planning for the Indian Lake Schools History Center. Underwood says the restrictions on visitors to the school buildings made it clear that these important historical records should be accessible online. As a result, Underwood said that all content in the History Center can be accessed anywhere through a link on the school’s website under the Board of Education tab at ils-k12.org

Many people involved in the Winter Walking program at ILHS and winter sports spectators have already tried out the touch-screen system.  All comments have been positive. 

The next step is to catalogue all the alumni names in the system so users can search for a particular person, Underwood said. 

Also at the board meeting, Superintendent Underwood presented an energy audit. Over the past two years, the district contracted with Waibel Energy to install environmental controls in all three buildings. 

Underwood said, “We are tweaking the system now and we can use the controls to pinpoint mechanical malfunctions that cause uneven heating and cooling in spots.” 

So far, Underwood said the upgrade has saved the district more than $37,000 in energy costs. 

Finally, the board voted on and approved the calendar for the 2022-23 school year.  The Indian Lake Board of Education will meet again Monday, March 21st.