Remembering the 9-11 Terror Attacks

Remembering the 9-11 Terror Attacks
Posted on 09/12/2022
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911 unit
Indian Lake students learned about and observed the events of September 11, 2001 a day after Patriots Day. 

Several classes throughout the district watched videos and discussed the terror attack of 21 years ago during school on Monday. 

8th grade social studies students in Mrs. Kinsey’s class took part in a special activity in which they studied up to four different people who were somehow involved in the attacks. They could choose from first responders, executives, government employees, bystanders and even children. They introduced each person in class, then Mrs. Kinsey explained how that person was affected by the terror attacks and whether or not that person survived. Mrs. Kinsey says it’s a sobering exercise that makes the events of 9-11 a bit more personal for teens who were not yet born when the tragic day unfolded.