ILHS Symphonic Band Performs "(not) Alone"

ILHS Symphonic Band Performs "(not) Alone"
Posted on 05/16/2022
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The Indian Lake Symphonic Band recently debuted a song written specifically to bring attention to mental health and the struggles that many teens experience. 

The band performed the song “(not) Alone” by Randall D. Standridge during their recent 2022 Spring Bands Concert at Indian Lake High School. Standridge wrote the piece as a consortium, which included more than 300 high schools across the country. 

ILHS Symphonic Band Director Jason Fauley saw a social media post by the composer and knew this was a project for his group.

“The kids loved every step of it. We got videos from the composer explaining how the piece came together. They loved the song and it really came together at the concert,” Fauley said.  

For many in the band, this was more that just an opportunity to play a piece that had never been performed before. 

In 2020, ILHS lost percussionist Courtney Hubbard to suicide. Many students still struggle with her passing and this piece offered an opportunity to heal just a bit more. 

Senior Dakota Stude explains, “Since we’ve lost someone from mental health struggles and we have many people who struggle with this issue, I think it (the song) was a good representation how everyone feels at times. And of course it’s called (not) Alone, so it reminds people that there’s always someone who can relate.”

The "(not) Alone" song takes the listener on an emotional journey from near normalcy, to a dark place, and finally, to a path toward recovery. 

Composer Randall Standridge writes, “I live with depression and anxiety. I have tried to use my platform to normalize discussions about mental health and to help start conversation about the issue.”

Which is something Fauley knows is important with his group of musicians. 

“We always feel that band is a family and we are together in this journey. There are always people to support you. Of coarse being able to express yourself in some kind of artistic manner, whether it’s music or art, is a way to get those feelings out in a way that you can’t verbally.”

Here is a video of the Indian Lake High School Symphonic Band performing “(not) Alone.”