Don't Give Up Assembly at ILHS

Don't Give Up Assembly at ILHS
Posted on 04/14/2022
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It was hugs all around at the emotional conclusion to the recent Terrence Talley assembly at ILHS. 
Tally's main message to the students was "Don't Give Up!"
Talley is a motivational speaker who travels throughout the midwest telling his story of personal and family struggles with post traumatic stress syndrome, self-image and suicide. 
At the beginning, Talley got the crowd excited by selecting staff members to move out of their comfort zones and dance in front of the crowd. After the auditorium was electric with music and laughter, he got serious. 
Talley said, "Every single time I go into a school, it's a life or death situation. Someone is on the verge of giving up." Talley continued, "There is someone in this room right now who went to the hospital for harm they have done to themselves, who is struggling with addiction, who feels like they are all by themselves, who feels like they are taking on way too much responsibility....You're still here. If you're still here, you're still fighting and you're doing a good job."
Talley encouraged the students to turn to their neighbor and tell them "Don't Give Up!"
He finished by inviting staff members to the front of the assembly and thanking them for helping all students get through the past two years. Then he offered hugs to all and encouraged students to come forward to hug staff members.