Zimmerman's Salute

Zimmerman's Salute
Posted on 09/12/2019
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Zimmerman Post

Social media is loving Devonte Zimmerman after a Facebook post caught him in the student parking lot after football practice with his hand on his heart as the Star Spangled Banner played for a 7th grade football game. Zimmerman says he was on his way to his car after practice to grab his stuff before heading back to the training room when the National Anthem began. He stopped and stood right there. 

"I just always want to show my respect," Zimmerman explains.
Devonte is #8 for the Lakers and plays receiver and defensive back.
ILHS Football Coach Dave Coburn says, "We're so proud of this young man and it goes to show...someone's always watching!"
Athletic Director Jeff Courter gave Zimmerman an all-sports pass for the year and Coach Coburn said he has some special surprises for him to share with the team.
Zimmerman is a junior studying cosmetology at Ohio Hi Point Career Center. He hopes to be a barber some day.