The Lake Effect on Monday Morning

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning
Posted on 10/26/2020
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The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is teaching you the basics of the R-Factor with this awesome Laker Zone video!
ILES students watched this as part of their virtual Laker Zone assembly recently. Check this out!!

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is shining a light on some brand new posters hanging in each of our buildings. Here are some samples!
Curriculum Director Kelli Tebbe designed them to reinforce the R-Factor language and teachings. They include current students and common situations where R-Factor practices can be applied.
Lesson #1 is E+R=O. An Event, Plus Your Response equals an Outcome. They key is to tailor your response to events that are out of your control to achieve a desired outcome.
Have an awesome week, Lakers!

It's the start of something new! We're calling it The Lake Effect on Monday Mornings and we hope the ripples spread out and create a positive impact on your week!
As you know, the administration and staff at Indian Lake Schools have been training in what's called the R-Factor. We have now customized it for our students and community. Students in all grade levels will get a short R-Factor lesson regularly and teachers will incorporate the R-Factor language/beliefs daily. We hope to share some of those insights with you on social media and our website. These lessons on being responsible and resilient all tie into our overall social emotional learning endeavors and positive behavior incentives and supports (PBIS).
Below is a letter we sent out to the community in the spring with a "The Lake Effect" window cling. The letter further explains our mission. Today we hope it serves a reminder that E+R=O and helps you enjoy smooth sailing through your week.
If you love it and need another window cling, please let us know!

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