Indian Lake FFA Alumni Cow Pie Bingo

Indian Lake FFA Alumni Cow Pie Bingo
Posted on 10/07/2019
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The Indian Lake FFA Alumni Association is holding its first ever Cow Pie Bingo Event at 5 pm on Friday, October 11th next to Laker Stadium at the home football game. Tickets are $20 and are available from any Indian Lake FFA alum or by calling April King at (937)844-2575. There are 4 top cash prizes for the event: $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 and $500. Winners will be announced at halftime of the football game and need not be present to win. 

Proceeds from the event will be used to pay for OHP/Indian Lake FFA trips and activities. 

Please see all official rules. 

Indian Lake FFA Alumni Cow Pie Bingo Fundraiser

Official Rules and Regulations 

1. The Indian Lake FFA Alumni will establish all rules and regulations for the Cow Pie Bingo Fundraiser. 2. The Cow Pie Bingo event will take place on the grassy area to the east of Indian Lake High School off of State Route 235. An 72ftx48ft field will be marked off with 4ftx4ft grid squares for a total of 216 squares.  3. The actual field grid will be clearly marked with all squares being of equal shape and size. The field grid (and cows) will be protected by a barrier fence. Spectators and ticket holders must not interfere with the progress of the event. 4. Up to 400 tickets will be sold by the Indian Lake FFA Alumni for this event for $20 a ticket. 200 tickets will be red and 200 tickets will be blue.  5. The square numbers will be computer generated and randomly determined. 6. Any unsold tickets by September 28,2018 at 4pm will become live tickets that will be available for purchase at the event. 7. For each ticket sold, the sold ticket stub will be placed in a specifically marked and secured container by the Indian Lake FFA Alumni.  8. At 5pm on September 28, 2018, two cows (one marked blue and one marked red) will be led onto the field marked grid by an appropriate handler and allowed to freely roam the grid area until there are four cow pies (not pee) on the grid. If all four pies are not placed within the grid by 7pm, then ticket stubs will be randomly selected by drawing and the winner will be notified.  9. There are 4 top cash prizes for the event: $1500,$1000, $500, and $250. The first place winner will be designated by the first cow pie dropped. Example: If the cow marked blue poops on the square labeled 52, then the holder of the blue ticket numbered 52 will win $1,500. Then, if the cow marked red poops on the square marked 6, then the holder of the yellow ticket numbered 6 would win $1000. And if blue cow poops again on the square marked 30, then the holder of the blue ticket numbered 30 would win $500. If the cows do not poop in the 2 hour time frame, tickets stubs will be pulled at random to determine winners.  10. There will be at least two Indian Lake FFA Alumni members judging the event.  11. If the cow pie lands on bordering squares, then the prize money will be divided equally among the two winners REGARDLESS of the volume on each square. Indian Lake FFA Alumni member judges will have the final say in winners. 12. If a cow pie lands on an unsold square, the winner will be the closest "sold" square or squares immediately adjacent to and at least sharing one full side with the unsold square. This could end up being more than one winner (up to, but not exceeding, 4 winners) who would share the prize money equally. 13. The winners will be announced during half time at the home football game. If the winner is not present, they will be notified by phone and/or email and will then have 10 days to claim their prize money. Unclaimed prize money will go back to the Indian Lake FFA Alumni and will be used to support the Indian Lake FFA Chapter throughout the year. Winners must present their ticket and proof of identification may be requested before prize money is distributed.  14. The event will proceed on September 28, 2018, rain or shine. If there is thunder/lightning then the Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser will be cancelled. The cash prize winners will then be established by a random drawing conducted by the Indian Lake FFA Alumni. Winners will be contacted and will have 10 days to claim their prize.  15. If there are questions concerning rules and regulations, please contact April King at (937) 844-2575.