Election Day Education

Election Day Education
Posted on 11/06/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Election Day EducationThree ILHS students spent Election Day helping voters cast ballots in the November general election. 
Seniors Andrew Eaton, Jessica Evans and Arden Miller all served as poll workers for precincts housed at Indian Lake High School. 
After a presentation by officials from the Board of Elections earlier this fall, all three opted to be trained as precinct election officials. 
Miller says, "I just thought it would be interesting to try it. There's definitely more workers and more to do than I thought."
The trio arrived early in the morning and spent the day checking in voters, pulling ballots, answering any questions and helping voters insert their ballot into the machines. When polls closed, they assisted in the tabulation process before packing up equipment. 
As poll workers, the students will get paid for their work. They are also leaving with a deeper understanding of the election process.