Digital Empowerment Project

Digital Empowerment Project
Posted on 02/21/2020
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Digital EmpowermentDigital empowerment
Digital Empowerment

The Digital Empowerment Project is inspiring Indian Lake students to really consider their online and social media conduct. 

Captain Scott Frank presented to ILHS and ILMS students recently.  As a longtime law enforcement officer and internet crimes against children investigator, Captain Frank explained what he calls “the power of one.”

“One inappropriate snapchat image can just really change a teen’s life because they don’t really slow down to realize that it only takes one image, one post, one inappropriate “like” and it can really be a game changer, so that’s what the Power of One is all about,” says Frank. 

The Digital Empowerment Project is Captain Frank’s passion now that he is retired. He travels the country speaking to young people and parents about the permanency of digital media and how different features of common apps can leave teens exposed to abduction, addition and more. 

On the topic of sexting, he explains, ”I think they’re living in a world where you take a digital image, an inappropriate image and in their precious minds its disappears. That’s not reality.”

He urged teens to respect each other. He told boys not to ask for nudes and girls not feel pressured. He also warned teens to read the terms of service to avoid “creeper code” apps that track your movements and steal your contacts. 

Captain Frank ended by encouraging students to invest their time to become producers of positive content online, instead of being all-time consumers. 

“Let’s rephrase that to say let’s go change the world, let’s inspire others whether it’s the world, your community, or the country.”

After the assemblies, Captain Frank met with ILHS Laker Leadership Council and ILMS Builders Club students in small groups to brainstorm on ways to make a positive impact online. 

He also held a free presentation for about 60 Indian Lake area parents the same evening.