The Masked Lakers

The Masked Lakers
Posted on 05/15/2020
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The votes are in!! Some of the winners may surprise you and some may delight you. Either way, it's been's been fun. It's been real fun! Thanks to everyone who participated by watching, voting, performing and judging!!
The Masked Lakers-Winners Unveiled!
We invited back Masked Laker All-Time Judge Mrs. "Ken Jeong" Rapp to help us unmask our winners! Take it away...

We unveiled each and every one of our Masked Lakers it's time to vote on our winners!! Please answer all five questions so that we can find out our favorites. Categories are: Best Song Rewrite, Best Vocal Performance, Best Dance Moves, Best Overall Performance and Fan Favorite. Voting will be open until noon on Friday and we will reveal our winners that afternoon.
Thanks for watching!!

The last few days have brought very difficult news for our students, parents and community. In an effort to brighten some spirits we have a fun project just for you, Lakers! 
We realized a few weeks ago that while we can continue to educate students online, we are all missing many of those moments at school where students find that teachers and staff members really do have a sense of humor! So we are bringing you our fun side for the next few weeks Monday through Friday at 4 pm with "The Masked Lakers." 
Based on the popular tv show, we asked staff members to voluntarily sing or lip sync a song and perform it for us while wearing a mask or costume. In no way are we making fun of the efforts to wear masks for your health... In fact, we are embracing it!
Please watch and enjoy our performers and judges. Try to guess who "The Masked Lakers" are based on the clues provided. When all "The Masked Lakers" performances have been posted, we will have a Survey Monkey vote to decide the winners. You can see the videos on the IL Facebook page and on this website. 

Do you have your guesses ready?! We are ready to unmask our Masked Lakers!! Who is the Panda? Rap Cat? How about the Camo Duo? Were you right?!
Be sure to watch all the videos again on Facebook or and decide on your favorites. We will start the voting tomorrow. Winners will be revealed at the end of the week!


Our final Masked Laker will be a favorite for our little Lakers! One of our very favorite characters has adapted the "Baby Shark" song into his own theme song and it is adorable! The "I Care Cat" has been a Laker for more than 30 years and is always helping us be better students, better Lakers and all-around better people. Who is this Masked Laker? (we're pretty sure you know!)

I Care Cat

We wrap up the week with our next to last Masked Laker performance. This “Camo Duo” has been partners for many years. As proud Lakers for life, they re-wrote a country classic to reflect their love of home. And they really hope you don’t get “board” by their song. 
We have one more late add to the Masked Lakers series that will be posted on Monday. Then we will unmask our performers and vote on our favs! 

Camo Duo

Fans of the The Office will love today's Masked Laker! "Threat Level Lincoln" joins us with a favorite song from the popular tv show that many have been binge watching during this time of quarantine. Honestly, "Threat Level Lincoln" is bummed about not going to Washington, D.C. this year with the 8th graders, but can't wait for next year's trip!

Threat Level Lincoln

Today's Masked Lakers are an unstoppable duo! The Glow-Meisters are both Lakers for life, which is a "wise" move! In fact, they are so in sync that at points in their lives they've even shared the same last name! The Glow-Meisters hope this performance makes you want to get down! Who are these Masked Lakers?

The Glow Meisters

Today's Masked Laker is a thing of beauty! Between the hair and the voice, our "Sweet Soul Sister" is a true performing artist. This Laker for life is sure to draw a crowd of admirers! Who is this Masked Laker?

Sweet Soul Sister

It's been an especially tough spring for the "Laker Mascot", with no baseball, softball or track to cheer on. Small, but mighty, you can't stop the spirit of this Masked Laker! In a nod to "blended learning" the" Laker Mascot" gives us mash up of Indian Lake fight song dances from today and decades passed. Let's hear it for the Laker Mascot!! Who is this Masked Laker?

Laker Mascot

Hold your horses!! It's time for The Masked Lakers! This "Little Laker Pony" had a life-changing, awesome year in 2019. The Pony has been at the Lake for a long time, but is not ready to be put out to pasture. And as much as the Little Laker Pony loves horses, Falcons are her favorite!! Who is this Masked Laker?

Little Laker Pony

Whoa, there! Today's Masked Laker takes us on a trip down the Old Town Road. You'll have to listen carefully to figure this one out!

Not to be catty or anything, but "Rap Cat" looks down on most people. Maybe it's because he's purr-fect. Or maybe it's because he's a tall drink of water! In addition, "Rap Cat" has his kittens as back-up. Who is this Masked Laker?

Rap Cat

The "Ghost With the Most" isn't scary at all! This Masked Laker loves to safely experiment in class, carefully program robots and tediously track the movement of tiny birds. Who you gonna guess is "The Ghost With the Most" inside the costume of this Masked Laker?

The Ghost With the Most

The "Rhyming Rockstar" is another Laker for life!! RR graduated from the Lake the same year as several other current staff members not so long ago:) Some of her own Lakers are learning in the district now, while another is making music on the other side of the state. The "Rhyming Rockstar" is a coach, teacher and songbird...Who is this Masked Laker?

Rhyming Rockstar

This Masked Laker, called "Wolfgang Imateacher," is a howling good time! Wolfgang loves a challenge, whether it be learning new words, logic puzzles, or even red herrings! "Wolfgang Imateacher" travels often between the different buildings of ILS and has lots of PETS at the elementary. Who is this Masked Laker?

Wolfgang Imateacher

Today we catch up with the "Rainbow Robber" who sings us a musical favorite in classic style! This Rainbow Robber has portrayed many characters in the past, including Scuba Steve and the Fox in "school productions." Besides being a long-time Laker, the Rainbow Robber is also a Redskin and an avid whistler. Who is this Masked Laker with the pipes?

Rainbow Robber

Today's Masked Laker is really getting the wiggles out! 

We invite you to take a minute, forget your corona virus worries and "Shake It Off" with our Shakin' Unicorn. 

We are airing "The Masked Lakers" each week day at 4 pm for the next few weeks on this Facebook page and our website at Once all The Masked Lakers have performed, we will hold a Survey Monkey vote to determine the winners. 

This Masked Laker has spent 18 years teaching, coaching and raising children in the Indian Lake School District. Most days you can see the Shakin' Unicorn galloping around campus after school. Fun fact: The Shakin' Unicorn won the Biggest Mane Award in her college sorority...Who is this Masked Laker?

Shakin'  Unicorn



The response to The Masked Lakers has been awesome in the past 24 hours! We hope you are able to share these videos with your students and find some humor! Again, we plan to "air" these each week day at 4 pm for the next few weeks on this Facebook page and our website at (We had trouble with the Instagram post) Once all The Masked Lakers have performed, we will hold a Survey Monkey vote to determine the winners. 

Today's Masked Lakers are HUNGRY! This duo of "Craving Critters" has recorded their own song because they are Tired of Covid 1-9! The Craving Critters' singing skills are "unparalleled" and they are hoping their original performance "adds up" to a win! Who are these Masked Lakers?

The Masked Lakers-Craving Critters

Our first "Masked Laker" is the Laker Proud Panda reminding us that we're all in this pandemic together! The Panda is a Laker for life, but might need a little "guidance" on the dance moves. Even so, this Panda is sure to be one of your favorite "picks." Who is this "Masked Laker?"

Laker Proud Panda