IL Senior Salute

IL Senior Salute
Posted on 05/07/2020
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Indian Lake Schools would like to take the month of April and beyond to offer a special online Salute to Our Seniors in the Class of 2020.
For the next several weeks we will salute a handful of IL seniors each evening at 7 pm on our website and social media. Please reach out to them individually, if possible, and congratulate them on their accomplishments!


We conclude the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute with our final student, Abagail Dague. Abagail was the daughter of Jeremy and Sarah Dague of DeGraff. She lost her life in a car accident the summer after her sophomore year. Abagail was a dear friend to many in the Class of 2020 and she is sorely missed. Her memory will be honored during Graduation ceremonies on May 17th.

Abagail Dague

We are nearing the finale of the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Please congratulate these seniors:
Andy Peterson, son of Tammy Peterson of Russells Point
Riley Ricketts, son of Timothy and Christine Ricketts of Russells Point
Armahn Souza, son of Luciana Souza of Lakeview and 
Courtney Zimmerman, whose parent is Denise Newland of Lewistown

Andy PetersonRiley RickettsArmahn SouzaCourtney Zimmerman

Four fine young men are the focus tonight's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Say congratulations to:
Chris Barton, son of Erin Sloan of Russells Point
Alex Hughes, son of Andrew and Tiffany Hughes of Russells Point
William Lahr, whose parents are Julie Lahr and Daryl Castle
Dolan Miller, son of Dustin and Jessica Miller of Bellefontaine
Chris BartonAlex HughesWilliam LahrDolan Miller

We have more accomplished seniors to congratulate in tonight's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm! Please say well done to:

Mathew Daniels, son of Johnathan and Nicole Daniels of Huntsville

Jeannette Marbaugh, daughter of Anthony and Sara Cotterman of Russells Point and 

Quinn Nascimento, son of Kristina Nascimento of Bellefontaine

Mathew DanielsJeannette MarbaughQuinn Nascimento


Three cheers for these three Lakers who are the focus of this evening's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Please extend your congratulations to:

Lauren Manley, daughter of Michael and Lynn Manley of Huntsville

Derek McKinnon, son of Seth and Gerri Wright of Huntsville and 

Dakota Minnich, son of Chad Minnich of Lakeview

Lauren ManleyDerek McKinnonDakota Minnich

We have another bunch of super students who are finishing the year strong for our Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm! Congratulations goes out to:

Deven Auske, son of Aimee Nolan of Russells Point

Ty Born-Nott, son of Kendra Born of Lewistown

Jasmyn Brandyberry, daughter of Chad and Amber Brandyberry of Russells Point and 

Drew Fatone, son of Amy and Andy Fatone of Bellefontaine

Deven AuskeTy Born-NottJasmyn BrandyberryDrew Fatone


Three lovely and talented ladies are the focus of tonight's Indian Lake Senior Salute at 7 pm. Congratulations to:

Brooke Willoby, daughter of  Jared and Melody Willoby of Huntsville

Isabelle Young, daughter of Dan and Rebecca Young of Huntsville and 

Kristen Young, whose parents are Travis Young and Mindie Fox of Huntsville
Brooke WillobyIsabelle YoungKristen Young


We begin the month of May with a slew of marvelous students in the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute! Congratulations to:

Will Violand, whose parents are John and Pam Marshall of Belle Center

Caitlin Voss, daughter of Gary and Terri Voss of Huntsville

Hailey Westberry, whose parents are Beth Blackburn and Gary Rister of Huntsville and 

Dustin Wilkes, son of Steve and Sally Wilkes of Lakeview

Will ViolandCaitlin VossHailey WestberryDustin Wilkes


Another great bunch of Lakers headlines this evening's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm! Put your hands together for:

Elijah Thornburgh, son of Jim and Jennifer Thornburgh of Bellefontaine

Tyler Tracey, son of John and Karen Tracey of Zanesfield

Austin Tron, son of Chris and Karen Tron of DeGraff and 

Hayli Ullom, daughter of Brett and Jaclyn Ullom of Huntsville

Eli ThornburghTyler TraceyAustin TronHayli Ullom


Tonight's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute focuses on four more hard working students from all around the district! Congratulations to:

Paige Schindewolf, daughter of Cynthia Schindewolf of Jackson Center

Faith Speicher, daughter of David and Shawna Speicher of Russells Point

Skyler Tackett, son of Gene and Susan Tackett of Lakeview and

Macey Taylor, daughter of Travis and Mindy Taylor of Huntsville

Paige SchindewolfFaith SpeicherSkyler TackettMacey Taylor


Four exceptional ladies headline our Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm this evening. Say congratulations to these seniors:

Kaylee Shelton, daughter of Robert and Donna Shelton of Lakeview

Callie Stidam, daughter of Travis and Vanessa Stidam of Lakeview

Alexis Stroud, daughter of Michael and Loretta Stroud of Lewistown and 

Brittany Sturms, daughter of Shane and Natasha Sturms of Huntsville

Kaylee SheltonCallie StidamAlexis StroudBrittany Sturms


We kick off the final week of April with four fantastic students in the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Congratulations to:

Mary Rose, daughter of Joseph and Heidi Rose of Huntsville

Austin Rowe, son of Tami Rowe of Rushsylvania

Jasmine Rush Stotler, daughter of Jackie Carnahan of Lakeview and

Nikita Scheifele, daughter of Steve and Becky Scheifele of Bellefontaine 

Mary RoseAustin RoweJasmine Rush StotlerNikita Scheifele


Check out these graduating Lakers in the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Congratulations goes out to:

Matthew Risner, son of Scott and Deb Risner of Huntsville

Tyler Roberts, son of Chris and Lori Roberts of Huntsville and 

Trinity Romanowski, daughter of Tammi Cartwright of Belle Center

Matthew RisnerTyler RobertsTrinity Romanowski


Our Saturday evening Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 honors more outstanding students! Congratulations to:

Nathan Reichert, son of Dan and Theresa Reichert of Lewistown, 

Austin Reimer, son of Daniel and Mary Ann Amspaugh of Lakeview and 

Kayla Richards, daughter of Jamie Tucci and John Richards of Belle Center

Nate ReichertAustin ReimerKayla Richards


Our Friday evening IL Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm honors three more awesome seniors! Please extend your congratulations to:

Ethan Pequignot, son of Brett and Mimi Pequignot of Huntsville

Corbin Phillips, son of Melinda and Rod Dukowitz of Lewistown and 

Ashley Pummell, daughter of James Pummell of Lakeview

Ethan PequignotCorbin PhillipsAshley Pummell

It's the guys' turn! Tonight we honor four more fantastic members of the Indian Lake Class of 2020 during our Senior Salute at 7 pm. Congratulations to:

Cole Overbey, son of Nick and Darci Overbey of Huntsville

Caden Paavola, son of Andrew and Carisa Paavola of Huntsville and 

Austin and Ethan Parker, sons of Amber and Mike Fagan of Russells Point

Cole OverbeyCaden PaavolaAustin ParkerEthan Parker

We are very proud of the students in the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm this evening!! Congratulations goes out to:

Faith Moyer, daughter of Drew and Lori Moyer of Lewistown

Chris Murphy, son of Thomas and Amy Murphy of Huntsville and 

Lauren Nance, daughter of Jami Nance and Scott Brown of Lakeview

Faith MoyerChris MurphyLauren Nance 4/21

Again, we have three great young ladies to honor during tonight's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm. Put your hands together for:

Shianna Miller, daughter of Andy and Jessica Conover of Russells Point

Skylaur Moore, whose parents are Shandra Young of Russells Point and Michael Gammell of Belle Center and 

Kylee Morrison, daughter of Steve Morrison and Amy Book of Huntsville

Shianna MillerSkylaur MooreKylee Morrison 4/20
This trio of lovely young ladies is the subject of our Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 6 pm this evening. (We're moving it earlier because of the scheduled school board meeting at 6:30.) We are sad that you won't be able to return for classes this year, but we whole-heartedly congratulate you on your accomplishments during your careers at IL.

Let's hear it for:

Shelbie Mathews, daughter of Deena Borba of Lakeview

Aliya McCoy, daughter of Rob McCoy and Misty Burden of Russells Point and

Arden Miller, daughter of Ty and Michelle Miller of Lewistown

Shelbie MathewsAliya McCoyArden Miller


Our Sunday night Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm highlights another trio of excellent Lakers! We know you have a bright future ahead! Congratulations to:

Gage Lowery, son of Jeremy and Sandra Lowery of DeGraff

Macey Lykins, daughter of Casey Lykins of Lakeview and 

Nathan Manns, son of Amber and Lucas Sorgen of Bellefontaine

Gage LoweryMacey LykinsNathan Manns 4/18

Check out this batch of students finishing their final quarter as Lakers during the Indian Lake Senior Salute at 7! Congratulations to:

Jesse Lawson-Smith, son of Virginia Smith of Russells Point

McKenzee Lewis, daughter of Bill and Jonelle Lewis of Huntsville

Hunter and Wyatt Long, sons of Daniel and Amy Long of Lakeview

Jesse Lawson-SmithMcKenzee LewisHunter LongWyatt Long


We wrap up the week with three more fantastic seniors in the Class of 2020 Indian Lake Senior Salute at 7 pm. Congratulations go out to:

Corbin Knief, son of Brian and Silvina Knief of Lewistown

Chloe Laing-Harford, daughter of Jennifer and Mark Harford of Lakeview and

Chris Lariva, whose parents are Michelle and Isaac Mims of Huntsville

Corbin KniefChloe Laing HarfordChris Lariva 4/16

These serious seniors are the focus of tonight's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm! Please extend your congratulations to:

Elizabeth Kerns, daughter of Victor Kerns of Bellefontaine

Carter Klauer, son of Steve and Holly Klauer of Huntsville and 

Allison Knapp, daughter of Tim and Angie Knapp of DeGraff 

Elizabeth kernsCarer KlauerAllison Knapp 4/15

We are halfway through the month of April and halfway through our alphabet of Indian Lake Class of 2020 Seniors! Check out three more hard working students in tonight's Senior Salute at 7. Congratulations to:

Landon Jacobs, son of Frank and Jennifer Jacobs of Bellefontaine

Jazmyn Johnson, daughter of Jason and Ronna Harris of Huntsville and 

Megan Keckler, daughter of Jeffrey and Christina Keckler of Huntsville

Landon JacobsJazmyn JohnsonMegan Keckler 4/14

Three cheers for these three motivated Laker seniors in the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 spotlight tonight! Best wishes for continued success to:

Megan Hook, daughter of Michelle Wrocklage and Shannon Hook of Russells Point

Alyson Huffman, daughter of Jason and Amie Huffman of Huntsville and 

Clay Jacobs, son of Cale and Andrea Jacobs of Huntsville

Megan HookAlyson HuffmanClay Jacobs 4/13

Check out these Indian Lake Class of 2020 Seniors during tonight's Senior Salute at 7 pm! Congratulations to:

Rylee Halterman, son of Ronald and Shelby Halterman of Lakeview

Hayli Hamilton, daughter of Billy and Kira Black of Huntsville and 

Kaden Harford, son of Kevin Harford and Paula Leonard of Bellefontaine Rylee HaltermanHaylee HamiltonKaden Harford


The Easter Sunday edition of the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute features three "egg-ceptional" Lakers! Please congratulate:

Jazzlynn Goings, daughter of Uriah and Jessica Goings of Lewistown

Bethany Golliday, daughter of Brent and Christina Golliday and DeGraff and 

Carder Hakes, son of Heather Hakes of Maplewood

Jazzlynn GoingsBethany GollidayCarder Hakes


The Saturday night Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 spotlights three achievers! Congratulations to:

Madison Flowers, daughter of Amy Bosart of Quincy

Ethan Fulkerson, son of Andy and Amanda Fulkerson of Huntsville and 

Johnathan Gambrel, son of Shana Bower of Lakeview

Madison FlowersEthan FulkersonJohnathan Gambrel 4/10 Our Good Friday Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm highlights three more students who are looking forward to Graduation Day! Congratulations to:

Andrew Eaton, son of Michael and Sonya Eaton of Lewistown

Jessica Evans, daughter of Tony Evans and Brandy Rhoads of Russells Point and 

Hailey Even, daughter of Jim and Danielle Even of Lakeview

Andrew EatonJessica EvansHailey Even 4/9

Our Senior Salute at 7 for the Indian Lake Class of 2020 highlights another three hardworking students. Extend your congratulations to: 

Colton Dugan, son of Don and Tressie Dugan of Lakeview

Gavin Dukowitz, son of Rod and Kelly Dukowitz of Huntsville and 

Kendra Dunn, daughter of John and Andrea Messer of Russells Point Colton DuganGavin DukowitzKendra Dunn


This evening's Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 shines the light on three accomplished students. Congratulations to:

Kassidy Crockett, daughter of Darrell and Kris Crockett of Lewistown

Derrick Daniels, son of Amanda Daniels of Bellefontaine and 

Carly Downs, daughter of Travis and Penny Downs of Lakeview

Well done, Seniors!

Kassidy CrockettDerrick DanielsCarly Downs

It's time for the Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm! Let's congratulate:

Milia Clabaugh, daughter of Michael Lazo and Stephanie Zachrich of Lakeview

Alexis Clem, daughter of Matthew and Holly Clem of Quincy and 

Ethan Coppel, son of Challie and Heather Coppel of Huntsville

Milia ClabaughAlexis ClemEthan Coppel 4/6

Our Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm highlights these three students on this sunny evening. Congratulations to :

Kaya Campbell, daughter of Jeremi Campbell and Erica Oakley of Russells Point

Devon Carnes, son of Tracey Lowery of Russells Point and 

Tyler Charles, son of Doug and Diane Charles of Lakeview

Kaya CampbellDevon CarnesTyler Charles 4/5

Indian Lake High School is pleased to recognize another group of our Class of 2020 members in the Senior Salute at 7. Put your hands together for:

Carter Burnside, son of Jeremy Burnside and Krista Lewis of DeGraff

Hannah Burnside, daughter of Patrick and Jessica Ranes of Lakeview and 

Alyssa Bush, daughter of Joe and Rebecca Bush of Bellefontaine

Carter BurnsideHannah BurnsideAlyssa Bush 4/4

Our Saturday night IL Class of 2020 Senior Salute focuses on three special students from around the district. Congratulations to: 

Trinton Bok, son of Carl Bok and Melissa Zeigler of Lewistown

Taylor Brentlinger, daughter of Crystal Lillicrap and Terry Brentlinger of Lakeview and 

Chloe Burba, daughter of Dawn and Wade Burba of Huntsville

Trinton BokTaylor BrentlingerChloe Burba


Our Friday IL Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 pm recognizes three more special students! Please congratulate:

Adrianah Barhorst, daughter of Eric and Corrine Barhorst of Lakeview

Brianna Blair, daughter of Elvin and Tricia Smith of Russells Point and

Logan Blosser, son of Tiffney King of Lewistown

Adrianah BarhorstBrianna BlairLogan Blosser


This evening's online Indian Lake Class of 2020 Senior Salute at 7 features a trio of awesome students! Let's congratulate:

Alex Angles, son of Joseph and Karen Angles of Russells Point

Miranda Arnold, daughter of Tonya Purcell of Belle Center and

Tristan Aulds, whose parents are Kevin and Tammy Sloas of Russells Point

Alex AnglesMiranda ArnoldTristan Aulds

4/1 We begin with: 

Austin Alexander, son of Mary Downing and Thomas Alexander of Huntsville

Gavin Amspaugh, son of Joe and Theresa Amspaugh of Lakeview

Alyssa Anderson, daughter of Taggart and Kathleen Anderson of Jackson Center and 

Cassie Anderson, daughter of Dan and Deb Anderson of Huntsville

It just so happens that all four of our first group of seniors are also Ohio Hi Point students. Congratulations!

Austin AlexanderGavin AmspaughAlyssa AndersonCassie Anderson